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TRX is the online deal-making tool that gives you instant access to thousands of hours of great shows. Make deals direct with distributors quickly, confidentially and securely and get all of this for free.

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Buying on TRX is easy

  • Search

    1. Find great programs for your viewers from top distributors

  • Handshake

    2. Make offers and negotiate directly with the seller

  • Documents

    3. Complete the deal quickly and confidentially on TRX

Why buy on TRX?

  1. Unlock more content

    Immediate access

    Get 24/7 access to the catalogs of the top distributors to find great shows available in your territory.

  2. Stay competetive

    Quicker deals

    Complete your deals more efficiently by doing it all online.

  3. Safe and secure

    Safe and secure

    Deal directly with the seller so every deal is confidential and 100% secure.

  4. Zero upfront charges

    It’s free

    TRX is free to use for buyers. So start browsing some shows!

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