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Discover TRX

TRX is the online deal-making tool that enables TV rights buyers and sellers to connect and close more deals, more efficiently.

On TRX entire licensing deals can be completed securely online – from searching for and screening content to negotiating a price and signing a contract. Rights shown to buyers are instantly available and buyers and sellers can negotiate a licensing deal through TRX’s unique DealGrid®.

Why TRX?

  1. Unlock Value

    Unlock Value

    TRX helps you unlock more value from your rights and more programs for your audiences by cost-effectively opening up new markets and aggregating rights from high profile distributors worldwide.

  2. Simple

    Easy To Use

    TRX enables you to manage your deals online. Use our RightNow® search engine to discover what rights are available to you for your territory and platform, our DealGrid® to help you fast-track your negotiations, through to our DoneDeal® sign-off process that helps you push through paperwork more efficiently than ever before.

  3. Zero Charges

    Zero Upfront Charges

    For buyers, there are no costs to use TRX. The license fee and delivery costs are agreed with the seller and paid directly. For sellers, there are no charges for listing rights on TRX. Once a deal has been done, sellers pay a small transaction fee.

  4. Stay Competitive

    Stay Competitive

    Do more deals quicker with TRX. TRX is the first deal-making tool to enable sales and acquisition executives, lawyers, and delivery and finance professionals to work on deals together in a simple, secure, more efficient environment. Spend less time on administration and more time growing your business.

  5. Secure


    We’ve used world class security partners and software to ensure your data is secure and confidential. Contracts on TRX are signed using Docu-Sign, which uses bank-grade security protection and is legally binding in most countries.

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