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Unlock the full value of your catalog

TRX makes licensing deals easier. Use it to sell your rights all over the world and do more deals, more efficiently.

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Selling on TRX is easy

  • Programs

    1. It’s easy to list the shows you want to sell on TRX

  • Handshake

    2. Receive offers and negotiate directly with the buyer

  • Documents

    3. Complete the deal quickly and confidentially on TRX

Why sell on TRX?

  1. Unlock value

    Unlock the true value

    TRX helps you maximize the value of your shows by opening up your catalog to new buyers.

  2. Quicker Deals

    Quicker deals

    Complete deals more efficiently by doing it all online.

  3. no upfront fees

    No upfront fees

    Only pay when you make a deal. No fees for listing your shows.

  4. Safe and secure

    Safe and secure

    Deal directly with the buyer so every deal is confidential and secure.

Our Partners

TRX provides a modern RESTful API. Rights Management Systems around the world can connect to TRX, making data management easy.


EasyTrack is Distribution management software that has been developed to meet the challenges of a global TV distribution industry in transition. Rights and Sales Management made easy.


Developed by industry experts and capable of handling the industry’s most complex projects, Vistex’s software delivers availability reporting, contract and rights management as well as royalties solutions to independent and enterprise organizations alike. Better insights, better business with Vistex.

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